Expanded Resume

A PDF copy of my resume can be found here. Below is a more detailed account of my experience and skills. Links direct to examples.

Professional Experience

The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Graduate Research Fellow
January 2013 – Present

  • Led design and management of mechanical assemblies, fabricated metallic and composite parts, dealt with outside vendors for buy or make decisions, tested and integrated final robotic subsystems. Subsystems are related to the Parkour Cars project and miniature actuation solutions.
  • Led design, fabrication, and integration of mechanical subsystems related to the Autonomous Lexus project (picture two). I worked with cross function team members to integrate electrical and sensing subsystems.
  • Led research into miniature hydraulic and pneumatic actuation solutions.
  • Management of multiple projects procurement supply chains.
  • Building lab infrastructure including set up of Dense Motion Capture lab and Autonomous Car lab.

Adjunct Professor
Spring 2013 and Spring 2014

  • Lectured on CAD and CAE topics ranging from design intent, beginner, intermediate, and advanced modeling and FEA techniques. The course revolved around Pro/E WF 5.0 and ProMechanica. Students completed three modeling projects and a final FEA optimized project.
  • Class size of 14 students (Spring 2013).
  • Class size of 78 students (Spring 2014).

Teaching Assistant
Intro to Engineering Fall 2010 and Fall 2012
Intro to Mechanical Engineering 1 Fall 2010 and Fall 2012
Intro to Mechanical Engineering 2 Spring 2011

  • Led lab and recitation sections for courses in Intro to Engineering and Intro to Mechanical Engineering. Topics included ethics, MATLAB instruction, basic study into the pillars of mechanical engineering (structures, thermodynamics, and fluids), and hands on reverse engineering labs. Average class size was mid 20s.

Dean’s Fellow
September 2010 – August 2012

  • Leveraged relationships with foreign institutions to create robust, complete study abroad programs for undergraduate engineers with excellent support at GW and the foreign institution.
  • Expanded first two partnerships in both population and scope — Korea University by 37% in population and University College Dublin by 18% in population with 1 new major and expanded service for biomedical and systems engineers during the fall semester.
  • Extended options to HKUST (two trial students), City University of London (one student) , Bogazici Univeristy (three students), U. Nicosia (two students), U. New South Wales (two students), Queen Mary U. (one student), U. Melbourne, and U. Sydney.
  • Led logistics backbone team for the 2011 New Student Getaway.

Research Assistant
Summers of 2009 and 2010

Pedal Forward
Design and Manufacture Lead

  • Led the manufacture and design of bamboo road bicycle frames. R&D included testing epoxies and fibers used in the joints, heat treating methods for the bamboo, and SOP for manufacture.

Orbital Science Corp, Greenbelt, MD
Summer 2008

  • Integrated flight and GSE hardware, primarily associated with, but not limited to, the MULE carrier.
  • Liaised between the design team, QA, integration team, and fabrication to effectively prepare the MULE carrier for flight on STS 125
  • Created traceability and work order reports for GSE and flight hardware.
  • Assisted with various tests of flight and GSE hardware, including acoustic, vibration, and electrical.
  • Led exploratory testing on a subsystem, recommended changes, and integrated changes into the final flight configuration.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
Summer 2005, 2006

  • Researched atmospheric aerosols in relation to single scattering albedo. Created novel separation method for microscopy. (2006)
  • Researched the creation and use of silica sol gels in relation to aerosol insulin. (2005)


Atomic force microscopy (Asylum Research)
Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
Transmission Electron Microscopy
Manual metallic fabrication including lathes, mills, LASER cutters, hand tools, and welding operations
Manual composite fabrication
Intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience with 3D printing
Exposure to MasterCAM and CNC machining

Solidworks 2011, 2012, 2013, COSMOS, eDrawings, and Sheet Metal, Certified Solidworks Associate, Certified Solidworks Professional
ProEngineer Wildfire 4.0, 5.0, ProMechanica, ProSheetmetal
ANSYS Workbench 13.0 and 14.0
AutoDesk Simulation and CFD
Microsoft Office Suite
Fully competent in Windows and Mac OS. Capable with Linux.

Coding Languages


Master of Science – Mechanical Engineering
The George Washington University, 2012

Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
The George Washington University, 2010

Thank you for reading. As note, a PDF copy of my resume can be found here.